5 New Apps To Help Teachers in the Classroom

5 New Apps To Help Teachers in the Classroom

Technology is evolving every day and it is affecting the day to day lives of everyone young and old. Technology has also brought about apps, which are programs that fulfill a particular purpose. With most teachers now using an iPad, we will let you know five great new apps that will help in the classroom.

Teacher Feedback

Despite changes happening to the world around us every day, feedback still plays a huge part in our lives, ensuring we can review the past, evaluate the present and plan for the future. This app allows you to record audio feedback, which can be listened to at anytime and allows messaging between teachers and students. Teachers can also monitor who has listened to the feedback.

Power Presenter

Getting file types to work on every device still proves to be a hassle at the most inconvenient times. This app solves many of those issues with the ability to show PowerPoint slides saved in PDF format on projectors.

Touch Karma

A simple app that can monitor students’ behaviors. While the traditional stickers on the wall have always indicated good behavior, there is no way to get a fair representation of the child’s behavior as there was no punishment for bad behavior. This app eliminates that problem with an easy to follow interface where you can add and deduct karma points for individual students.

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LanSchool Teacher’s Assistant

The more we accept technology into our lives, the more distractions we face. This app allows teachers to control what students can and cannot do on their device, by blacking out offensive screens, sending of messages and ability to monitor overall device activity. Technology allows for more procrastination, so this is a great solution to ensure that technology enhances productivity.


A god send, transporting files by USB is a nuisance, having to ensure the USB stick is always on you to reach the files. Dropbox acts on the same idea, however eliminates the physical need for the stick as it is based on a Cloud. Simply save a file to your Dropbox and you can access the document anytime, anywhere you have synced Dropbox too. Another great benefit is that if your primary device breaks down, is stolen or just not accessible your files will always be backed up.

Technology is constantly evolving the way we live day to day. With so much information at our fingertips, it is easy to become complacent and rely on Google for all our answers; this is of course not the answer. Teachers still play a critical role in the development of children, and using apps that enhance the learning experience should be embraced, in addition to the knowledge they learned from their online masters in educational leadership.

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