How to Loan Money for Buying Properties

Of course, getting a loan even before you go looking for a property to buy is possible and it may even be preferable, since that kind of gesture can make you look like a serious buyer to the real-estate agents. Also, you can do it for your own piece of mind, because everything is easier

Preparing Your Finances for a Move Abroad

Whatever the reason for moving abroad; be it for a work opportunity, to be close to family members or even just to satisfy a long-held wish; this exciting life-event is fraught with things to be done before the departure date. One of the most important of these is ensuring that your finances are in order.

How Being a Geek Made Me More Productive

You might not think “geek” is a lifestyle, but it really is. Being a geek seeps into every aspect of your daily life. You can’t switch it off, it is part of your DNA. Being a “geek” is much more than just a fondness for Science Fiction and gadgets, so much more. Until a few

How to Kill Your Productivity Completely

For a while I have been wondering why my energy has been lacking. I wondered if it was diet, stress, workload, exercise. Of course all of those things are factors, but I couldn’t put my finger on why it was so unusually bad right now. With the help of my iPhone I think I have

Ways to Motivate Children to Read

Reading goes hand in hand with creating. The importance of reading is to understand the arc of a story and how to convey information, lessons and emotions. To inspire reading sometimes you need to involve your children in the creative process behind a book. How it is made, the story it tells. The more they

What You Need To Know About College Grants

The first place to put your best foot forward for financial aid consideration with the school of your dreams is during the application and interview process. The second place is in your FAFSA submission, which we provided tips about last month. If you haven’t completed your FAFSA yet, be sure to attend your state’s College