Guidelines for Writing MBA Dissertation

Guidelines for Writing MBA Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is always the most challenging part for achieving a degree in higher education. The students need to decide new topics and work on it rigorously to highlight something new which has not been focused earlier. Dissertation is one of the most important parts even in the MBA programs shaping the future of the students. The increasing competitiveness has made it crucial to create a dissertation which is unique as well as impressive. This is definitely a time consuming task but the hours spent is worthy as it is the fulcrum for a successful career ahead. Here are some points that you can follow while writing dissertation.

Proposal: The proposal for the dissertation is the first step to get your papers accepted by the governing authorities of the organization. Students get to know their ability in conducting extensive research and write in-depth about a particular topic. It is an evaluation process which shows prospective in a student. As a word of advice, it is always better to choose a topic on which ample of information can be gathered. It is an opportunity to make use of the knowledge gained in the business school and analyze it on the chosen topic.

Few tips: Dissertation gives you the independence to explain your perspectives and project the topic from a complete different angle. But in order to do that you ought to take the guidance of an experienced faculty supervisor from the best institute for MBA in Kolkata. Clear out all your queries and communicate all your views to the guide. This helps in thorough understanding and rectifying the faults made in the paper.

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One of the crucial aspects of dissertation is your knowledge. Hence, concentrate on the area of study that will make your paper more interesting. The content must be full of information and you should be well versed on the subject, ready to answer each and every question posed in front of you by the panel members. The analyzing ability reflects the systematic research techniques. The style of your MBA dissertation can be a report, case study or others. But concentrate on your topic and do not shift from the point of focus.

The paper should be written in a chronological manner and each and every subtopic must follow the previous one. Emphasize the area where you will be working on, and elaborate the methods and tools used for the research. The introduction, body and conclusion should have a logical sequence. If possible, interview some relevant people who can speak on the issue, making your dissertation valuable and interesting as well. The solutions that you provide for the problem must make a sense.

Finally, revise and edit your MBA dissertation providing error-free copy to the authority. Bibliography and appendices should be included helping the readers to navigate at ease.