Make the Most of the SAT: Games and Activities Students Enjoy

Make the Most of the SAT: Games and Activities Students Enjoy

Preparing for your SATs doesn’t have to be drudgery. If you think your only option for scoring well is to sit endless hours with your head crammed in a boring textbook, you’re in for a nice surprise. These games make learning the SAT information fun and interesting, and friends and family members can get in on the action with you. Students who learn to make study time fun tend to stick with it and score higher than those who don’t make the effort.

Free Online SAT Prep Games

There are tons of websites offering free (and fun) games to practice for the SATs. Simply search for the keywords “free online SAT prep games” and the search engine will return thousands of websites to choose from. Some websites offer 100 games or more on the same site. These websites can also be good resources for study tips and lists of SAT Prep guidelines to be aware of. Look for a reputable website with information based on sound research.

Play Pictionary With an SAT Twist

It’s easy to turn your Pictionary game into an SAT prep tool. Simply create new cards for the game using your SAT vocabulary words and use these in place of the cards that come with the game. You can hand-write the cards on index cards or print the words out on the printer and cut up the sheets to create your own cards. This is an excellent game to play with classmates studying together, or it can be done on family game night. Young siblings can learn while you get ready for your test, too.

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Hang Up the Dull Textbooks with Hangman

The substitute teacher’s oldest and dearest standby, Hangman, is another excellent SAT practice tool. This is another great game to enjoy with classmates, family and friends. Each player takes turns writing the definition of one of the SAT vocabulary words on the board, along with a blank space for every letter in the word. Players guess letters of the word until someone figures out the entire word. Draw a hangman’s noose and add a piece of the stick figure (head, body, one arm, one leg) for every wrong guess. Try to guess the word before the entire hangman is completely drawn to win the game.

Create Your Own Crossword Puzzles Online

As fun as group games are, you’ll likely need more practice for the test than you have time to get people together for a game. A fun solitary way to study is by creating your own crossword puzzles. There are tons of websites which allow you to enter the words you’re studying (along with definitions) and the site instantly creates a crossword puzzle with these words and definitions. Print them out if you’ll be away from the computer to study.

Instead of looking at your SAT studies as a drag, find interesting ways to make the study time as fun and sociable as possible. Don’t worry, all this time of preparation will pay off eventually when you get into the college of your dreams. For now, the name of the game is learning what you need to know in as pleasurable a way as possible.

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