How Being a Geek Made Me More Productive

How Being a Geek Made Me More Productive

You might not think “geek” is a lifestyle, but it really is. Being a geek seeps into every aspect of your daily life. You can’t switch it off, it is part of your DNA. Being a “geek” is much more than just a fondness for Science Fiction and gadgets, so much more.

Until a few years ago I had to keep my geekiness to myself. Then all of a sudden it seems that the geeks have inherited the Earth! Here are a few areas where being a geek helps me in both business and in life…


After all those years of programming, I have started to think in terms of systems. This means I look for the cause and effect in whatever I am doing, and try to create repeatable approaches. Why is this a benefit? I can show other people how I do stuff, which comes in handy with teaching but also with outsourcing, plus I can improve results because I go through steps consciously. These systems help me to plan, and failing to plan is like planning to fail.

Testing and Measurement

Following on from the previous item, I am constantly testing and measuring. I don’t just hope for the best but observe the inputs and outputs and can track my progress This means when I tweak my systems I can tell if the tweak was successful or not. As the saying goes, what you measure you get more of!

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Productivity Software

It’s not just a systems approach but my geeky nature leads me to use computer systems to automate and improve. Geeks are not lazy, they just outsource to their computer what they don’t want to do or do not have time for.

Doodling is Good for You

I love doodling. Lucky for me because doodles, in the form of Mind Maps, are a great productivity and memory aid! Check out my post on productivity mindmapping with software.

Social Networking

While face to face networking is brilliant, I can network online more efficiently. Using social media tools I have gained access to people I could have only dreamed of in the days before I fired up that ancient 9600 baud modem all those years ago. I love you internet!

The Internet

Talking of the internet, I shudder when I think of what I did before I got online. Telephone directory sized computer manuals, telephone directories, stacks of magazine subscriptions, encyclopedias, sending memos, having to go to the library, no e-commerce …